Popped into Waterstones today at lunch, forgetting it was still Summer Holidays for the kids.

I went straight to the Young Adult section and was surrounded by a bunch of 12 year olds.

As if I didn’t feel old enough already.

SO uncomfortable.

On the plus side, one of them was buying Landline. woo.

Have you read Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein? If not, you definitely should I love it so much! If so, what did you think and will you be making a collage for it?

I haven’t read it, no. But again, I’ve heard very good things about it. I just read the blurb on Goodreads.

I find it really hard to keep focused when reading historical fiction. My brain automatically turns off. I feel like I need to know stuff about the time period in which it’s set and I never do, which in turn makes me not appreciate the book as much.

Have you read the legend series by Marie Lu?

I have not.

I’ve heard very good things about it, but the blurb doesn’t excite me very much. I probably won’t be reading it any time soon.




Have you read Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins yet? If you have, will you be creating a collage for it?

I have indeed read it! I read it a long long time ago, so I don’t exactly remember what happened, but I do remember not being overly excited by it. I have it on my iPad and it looks quite short so I might give it a re read in shortly (partially because I kinda want to read Lola & Isla too.

I would like to make a collage on it, since i know a lot of people do really like the book.

So, I will probably be making one in the near future! (Adding it to the ever growing list of books i want to make collages on…)


I’m trying to make a design with all the inside nerdfighter jokes-

For example:

French the llama,

Giraffe Love

Puppy Sized Elephants


Can you guys help me out by listing all the ones you can think of? Would be much appreciated!

Here’s a question mark?

I’ve lived in this country my whole life.

I’ve had my driving license for 6 years.

I’ve never even driven in another country…

And yet I still sometimes have problems remembering what side of the road I’m supposed to be driving on.

That’s normal, right?

I’m not even going to say what this is from, cause it’s very spoiler-y.
But this is what I do at 1.30 am on a Friday night.

I’m not even going to say what this is from, cause it’s very spoiler-y.

But this is what I do at 1.30 am on a Friday night.


Audio-ish question

Does anyone know how to increase the volume of an .mp3 file? Like, dramatically?

I downloaded some audiobooks that are ridiculously quiet on my iPod Clasic.

I’ve changed the max volume limit on my iPod and it makes little difference, I also changed the volume of the file in iTunes and that didn’t make enough of an impact either.

So yeah…anyone?

Will you ever do a Lolita or perks of being a wallflower collage? :) <3 I love your work bupy the way!!

Thank you! You’re too sweet ^-^

I’m not sure about doing a Lolita design. I tend to stick to YA since they have more memorable quotes etc. But then again, you never know! 

I started a Perks of Being A Wallflower collage months ago, but I couldn’t get an idea of how to make it look good, so I kinda gave up and moved on. I will finish it someday though! 

Here’s a pic of what I have so far! I was kinda in love with the font at the time, and I tried to match the colours to the book cover, but I’m not entirely sure which colours go well with lime green other than black!

please make an individual photo post of your ebooks. thanks!

Here’s the one I posted earlier….I’m assuming that’s what you meant?

Also here’s a screenshot I took a few weeks back of books I had recently downloaded.

Hi could you do a Matched by Ally Condie collage



I have no idea how to respond to submissions properly (hint hint, asks are always easier!) but the message above was submitted to me and here’s my response!


Funny you should ask that - look what just came in the post this morning! As ever, I can’t say whether or not I’ll make a collage based on it until I read the book, so I’ll get back to you after i’ve read it!

Also, my OCD senses are tingling and making me really want to buy the rest of the books in the series now, even though I have them all as ebooks already (i realised that after ordering this book via a book swapping website….) So yeah, I’ll probably read the entire series first and then decide whether or not to make a collage.

I’m super excited though, I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while, although someone said it was very similar to Delirium (which I wasn’t overly keen on)

recent bookshelves up close please! and if you can, can i see all your ebooks? thanks xoxo


I made a post about my bookshelf around a month ago, and not much has changed since then. Well, actually that’s a lie. Since then, I tried arranging everything by colour and then got annoyed because i couldn’t find any of the books I was looking for (my shelves are double stacked) and so I sort of rearranged the top half of my bookshelf for John Green books/ signed books/ tall hardbacks/ series books/ Colleen Hoover books/ books I’m currently reading/ books I plan to (re)read soon, and you can see those shelves in the picture below.

As for ebooks, I have far too many to make a post out of (I still have no idea how to add more than one photo to an ask post…) so I’ve included a snippet of some of the ones I’ve read and really enjoyed.

I’m a big fan of these “Last Lines” graphics that are going around, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I’m sure there are plenty of other much better Rainbow Rowell versions, but here’s my contribution.

Yes, some of them have more than one sentence, so they’re not technically the last linE, and also I took out some “he saids” to make it look pretty.

But yeah….

I <3 Rainbow Rowell just a wee bit.

I’m also now super paranoid that these aren’t in fact the last lines at all. I did check my books so I’m pretty sure I’m right.

I cannot describe how much I love Rainbow Rowell’s books


I can’t believe I only read Fangirl, the first book by her I read, back in April and only found it because of this blog. It feels like I’ve been reading her books forever. 

They make me smile and laugh and give me fuzzy feelings and sad feelings and I empathise with all her characters even if I have nothing in common with them. 

Her writing is just beautiful and it’s a joy to read.

I agree with this like 10 billion percent.

I only came across her books a few months ago, but I totally agree that it feels like I’ve been a fan of hers forever!

I could read her books forever <3 (particularly Attachments. Man, I love Attachments)

And she is also like the cutest human being ever, so that’s a plus.